Dorset III

Posted on April 12th, 2009 @ 19:42 in Uncategorized

Well now, I actually have time to write a proper entry (longer than the previous ones anyway). We’re booked in for dinner at 8.30pm you see, which isn’t for another 45mins. I’ve just had a shower & washed my hair and now I can laze about. Or write blog entries.

We’re at Mortons House, which is a lovely hotel in lovely Corfe Castle village, run by what seems like a lovely family (the hotel, not the village). The village takes its name from the actual castle, which I wouldn’t call lovely, rather impressive or interesting. There is a lovely steam train that runs through the village tho, and there are lots of lovely little houses and pubs and streets. It’s an altogether delightful place and I am glad we came here and so’s my mother.

Um yes. Apart from Corfe Castle (village) today we saw Dorchester (generally a bit boring but interesting Roman town house remains) Monkey World (lots of monkeys! also lots of kids of course), Lulworth Cove (tons of people. very pretty tho & very steep climb where my mum almost had a heart attack), and Lulworth Castle (quite fun, tho sadly it burnt down in 1929 so there’s only an empty shell left basically. also cute animals).

Another day left of this (yay!) and then back to work (UGH!!). Hope the weather will stay like this. Still much to see! I’ll bring back lots of photos so expect Flickr picspam after my return! 😛

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