Today I had 0.3 of my “5 a day”

Posted on April 8th, 2009 @ 22:14 in Uncategorized

Some lettuce and tomato on my bacon burger. 😀 Actually no, I had some salad over lunch too and an apple at some point. Yay me.

The initial plan was to do a video update tonight, but then my various video-converting programs decided to act up so I got pissed off and here we are. It’s been recorded tho, so if I can sort it out (alternatively, if I can be bothered to upload 251 uncompressed MB to Youtube) it may still see the light of day.

Oh I totally have nothing interesting to say. Lemme quote some old shit – for you see, I was suddenly reminded today of some of my old school papers which I still have in Lux. I tried to get my mum to bring me them, but she decided they were too big & heavy (she actually weighed them! 760g or sth lmao). Now there was some really funny stuff in there – me writing crap & then adding comments like “as you can see, I have no idea what I’m talking about.” Teachers adding their own comments like “complete bullshit, but at least you tried!”

And last not least, my Latin translations. We had a very indulgent teacher who would still give us ok marks on “you sort of understood the structure of the sentence, even if your translation makes absolutely no fucking sense.” I wrote some hilariously nonsensical shit over the years. Unfortunately I remember almost none of it, except (for some reason) this one sentence, which I translated as “altars flew into their eyes” (it’s even funnier in my actual French translation “des autels volaient dans leurs yeux”). I vaguely seem to remember the actual meaning of the sentence was something like “they were being attacked head on by enemy arrows.” (literally “arrows flew at them within eyesight”, sth like that)

My mum used to despair about stuff like that. I’d come home, laughing my arse off about how I’d translated something into utter nonsense, and she’d be tearing her hair out about how I could find this funny when it was so tragic. I mean, don’t get me wrong (lest you think I’m a complete moron), of course I was aware altars were very unlikely to fly into anyone’s eyes, esp. in a text that had quite obviously been about war. But the best strategy in cases like that was to show everything you had understood, so the teacher would see you knew this and that word, and recognized this as a dative and that as a past tense. So even if the end result made absolutely no sense this was still preferable to trying to interpret it more loosely and thereby losing “proof” of your grammar & vocabulary knowledge.

But I digress. Funny, in the end, is only “altars flew into their eyes.” I still think it’s hilarious 16 years on. =)) My mum still thinks it’s completely unfunny. :))

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