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Posted on April 5th, 2009 @ 22:32 in Uncategorized

This was the first week-end I’ve had at home for quite a while (after three consecutive week-ends in Southampton, Athens and Paris, respectively). It has been very nice, the main benefit being long lie ins on my expensive mattress. 🙂

However there was a last minute change of plans (which had originally been “tidying flat in preparation of mum-arrival”) in that Mandy asked me Friday lunchtime if I could proof-read her boyfriend’s PhD thesis. *eek* So I spent a considerable amount of time on that (it didn’t help that I had no clue what he was talking about for most of the 150-odd pages I’ve read so far), and while I still had time left I didn’t feel like spending that on non-fun stuff too, so no tidying at all has been done so far. :))

I did go to the beach tho (with Macbook and thesis – also with flip-flops!). It was nice when protected from the wind. Winter’s finally over – I totally love this time of year! 😀

Today I will tell you about my plans for the mum-Easter-trip. With links and all! Are you excited? I bet you are! Oh yes you are, little excited blog-reader! :)) *ahem*

Okay. On Friday we will drive to Bath via Salisbury for the cathedral. In Bath we will also do stuff.

On Saturday we’re going to Longleat Safari Park and hopefully driving through the Mendip Hills. Muchelney Abbey is optional – we probably won’t have the time.

Saturday night we’re staying in Dorchester. I’m hoping to get there before 5.30pm so I can go to Wellworths (my mum doesn’t know this yet. *cough* Probably won’t make it anyway). We’ll have dinner in Weymouth with Kate & Derek, and Kate’s mum. 😀

Sunday we’ll go to Monkeyworld and Lulworth Castle & Cove (that is so friggin’ cute!). Then we’ll stay at Mortons House.

Monday! We’ll visit Corfe Castle nearby and just enjoy the coast in the area. If we make it to Hampshire in time I would like to give my mum a taste of the New Forest as well.

And then it will be late and we’ll drive back to Brighton. 🙂 I’m pretty excited about this trip, lots of things I haven’t seen yet (in fact the only things I have seen are Salisbury and Weymouth). I hope the weather will play along.

Thus ends this entry!

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