My kinesiology experience

Posted on April 4th, 2009 @ 21:41 in Uncategorized

Today I went to see a kinesiologist. Not something I’d usually do, but she’s a colleague of mine and I thought there was no harm trying. I have an itch you see. I may have mentioned this on here before, not sure. Anyway the itch has gradually been getting worse since January and developed into a pretty annoying ekzema. Something needs to be done. Since my NHS doctor has been unhelpful so far I thought I’d explore new avenues. Here’s how it went!

It was… interesting. You may know that I’m not into alternative medicine at all (and tbh I’m glad I didn’t read the Wikipedia article before I went, as it does sound like a load of bull :)) ). So anyway, I just let her do her thing. Here’s what she found:

  • I don’t drink enough water. Yes I knew that. But I agree that I should make more of an effort. Also: tap water is bad, only bottled water is acceptable. Meh.
  • I have a chrome deficiency (I didn’t even know such a thing existed) – to be remedied by taking multivitamin supplements that include chrome. Between 11am and 1pm! Mhm.
  • My digestion is messed up and I don’t have enough stomach acids (rather than too much, as I would’ve surmised). Intake of digestion enzymes prescribed. This is interesting – there is defininitely something wrong in my stomach, have had “Western medicine” confirmation of that too. Will see what this does.
  • Intolerance of: yeast, tomato and gluten. I need not tell you what this means – no more pizza?! I might not survive that. But I may give it a try for a while (also no bread, pasta… argh, gluten is everywhere). Oh, and wine has yeast. Well, at least I don’t like beer. :))
  • Also, obviously, I lead a generally unhealthy lifestyle. I mean she didn’t actually say that, but I just realised it again, and clearly there is not so much point in trying out very specific remedies when you still eat and drink loads of shit. Of course I may decide the sacrifice involved in giving up those comforts is not worth the benefit involved. That is my prerogative. 😀

PS Amusing addendum… googling “chrome deficiency” gives you the sponsored link of “download Google Chrome”! :)) Too cute! (makes sense of course… wrong kind of chrome tho, Google!)


The BML said on Apr 7, 2009 at 5:26 pm

Lol you’re a Coeliac?? Christ, good luck with that. My entire family are Coeliacs (I’m the last one… any day now!) and yeah, pretty much you can’t eat everything. Wheat is in… well, everything.

Hmmm. So ALL of this is down to your itch? Seems a lot, really.

Never even heard of a tomato intolerance…

PS. So no creams or anything were prescribed? Just basically lifestyle changes?

Clarissa said on Apr 7, 2009 at 7:39 pm

I think you can be gluten intolerant without being a coeliac? And tbh I am taking this with a pinch of salt. Will probably try out a few things (i.e. 2 weeks without this, 2 weeks without that), and see if it makes a difference. But would also like a proper Western medicine opinion. :))

And no, not all of this is necessarily related to my itch. The itch was the reason I wanted to give this a try. But it can be anything really. Like, as I said, I know I do have digestive problems, and if this (enzymes) makes a difference then great (cuz I actually went to see a gastro-enterologist about it a few years back and all he had to offer was “well, that’s how it is” lol).

And I was prescribed creams and antibiotics by my GP. But not by this person obviously, she’s not an actual doctor.

PS. Yeah I’ve heard of tomato being an issues for some people. One of my friends in Lux had it too.


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