Sunday December 26, 2004

Just so y'all know!

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That 2004 Survey I did I originally got from squiZZ (last year). Cuz apparently it bugs him that everyone who's copying it is thanking me. So: thank him. It's all thanks to him, the great God my Lord squiZZ. :x

PS Also the "I am..." one. 8-|


I have ammended the entry to credit the Lord your God squiZZle

Posted by: Mark at Sun December 26, 2004 16:44

He will no doubt appreciate!

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun December 26, 2004 17:01

thank you Mr Markus. Why am I taken straight to the O2 voicemail service when I call your cellphone today instead of your own lovely voice?

Posted by: squiZZle at Sun December 26, 2004 17:27

You shouldn't be taken to the 02 voicemail service because I'm with Orange... and if you dialled the Orange number it would probably be because my mobile phone is switched off lol

Posted by: Mak at Sun December 26, 2004 21:28

I dialled the number you gave me.

Posted by: squiZZle at Mon December 27, 2004 0:06