Wednesday December 22, 2004

People suck so bad!

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I am working on a longer entry, hopefully online before the end of the day. Anyway in the meantime..... I went to to get inspiration for TomTay's iPod, iBook and mobiles (lol) and OMG what horrible names people go for!!!!! Check out the Top Names for 2004!!!! :-& :-& :-& Caleb!??!!? Aden!?! Logan!??!?! Taylor for a girl??? MADISON?!?!??! :-& :-& :-& Good gracious. How can they punish their children like that!!?? :|


"Aidan" is probably cos of "Sex and the city". He was Carrie's "perfect" boyfriend...

Posted by: Val at Thu December 23, 2004 16:06

oh. well that sucks too. how can they let themselves be so influenced by passing fads?!

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu December 23, 2004 21:00

I like most of those names on that list. There was an article in the paper recently because some guy wanted to name his daugher Jihad but it wasn't allowed. The article said that weird names like Albatros, Fanta, etc are allowed. Weird.

Posted by: Evelien at Fri December 24, 2004 16:25

@ Fanta

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat December 25, 2004 19:59