Friday December 3, 2004

Final Lux update

Category: Randomness | 2 Comments | Posted 21:48

A squiZZshrine it is. Well, provided I can muster up the energy to actually create the site. But what would be a greater incentive than utter droolability? And maybe it will make us rich.

And I am off work on Monday. :D How fun! *lol* (Alison won't be in so she would have no time for me so would be pointless to go. hooray!)

I am all packed up and almost in bed. Did I mention I didn't reinstall Windows on Mikey? I'm such a lazy cow. I'll do it tomorrow. No honest.

I was also gonna do an entry about long time friends and more recent friends and things like that... I might still do it. If I can be arsed. Mhm.

PS I want my Mon damnit!!!!! :((


Why not a Mel Shrine??

Posted by: Mel at Sun December 5, 2004 0:43

well you may submit your commandments I'll pick the one that sounds best

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun December 5, 2004 1:59