Saturday November 27, 2004

Right so I'm off

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As good as. To Luxembourg I mean. Should be fun *sigh* - I'm taking my Mikey cuz I wanna fix him and I won't have the time once I'm back. I really wanna be lugging a big PC and massive monitor down to my car tomorrow at 6am. :|

But I am also taking my Tommy whom I got today and who is very sexy and cute and tiny (really tiny!). Hooked him up to the LAN and did some essential installs on him (Yahoo & MSN messengers that is *cough*) and tweaked him a little... oooh the nightmare of setting up a new PC to your liking, it's gonna take me weeks! And I'm gonna have to do it twice now!! What was I thinking!? (well not that I really had a choice...)

Anyway. I will be online from Lux hopefully but a lot less of course. Er yeah that's it really. Am tired and should sleep now. Speak to y'all soon, I miss you already! :* (I'm sure I meant to say sth else... ah well)


give my love to mummy!

Posted by: squiZZle at Sun November 28, 2004 0:30

I shall!

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun November 28, 2004 15:39