Tuesday October 5, 2004

I have a WAM!!

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Ja so I am Mon, and I have a WAM. It is 02.29. That's almost two thirty. Mhm. I'm drinking Pepsi Max (and so should you because it's greeeeat). WAM is peeing. We're listening to Phil Colins. (one or two "l"'s? :-? ) It's not very fun. The music I mean. But I don't know how to change it. Is this Yahoo Launch thing you see (or at least I think so?!), and since I never use it I don't know how to work it. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to change window and change music and this is starting to make little sense, I know, but I'm tired so you will have to forgive me, or not.

But anyway! We were going to write about our day! Because it's been a very interesting day you see. Ja. So. I woke up at around 12.30. And I woke up E.T. and E.T. woke up WAM. Well maybe WAM was already awake, but she was still in her bed. Ja, E.T. is the dog btw.

And er... ja so we got dressed and stuff. And we drove to to Rimi and bought:
2 Pizzas
1 Bread
1 Chocolate milk
1 Box-thingy with grapes
1 Big chocolate
1 Bag of Laban Seigmen
3 Apples
4 Yoghurts

And then we drove back home and ate breakfast. And then ate a big piece of cheese cake each for dessert.

Ja so then Mon (that's me) spent hours, many many hours playing The Sims on WAM's GBA. :D Which she found very fun-fun. And WAM read her boring book and talked to people online every now and then.

Hmmm. Ja. So then this squiZZ-Ally-person-WAM-Pet-thing came online and told us to get drunk, so we did. Got drunk I mean. And when we had got drunk, he disappeared! :o Which Mon thought was very rude. *stubborn Yahoo smiley*

So drunk we were and bored we were, and no one was online to entertain us. But HA! We found a very lovely Jon. It's secret why and how we found him, but we found him. Yes I've already mentioned that, but I'll say it again; we found a cute Jon. (did you know they get FREE food in the army? Sorry had nothing to do with Jon, but DID you know?!) So from now on we won't talk to anyone but Jon. Mhmm.

Ja so that was our day. Now we are sitting here. In front of Mon's computer that is. Mon is writing, WAM is hiccuping. Is very fun. :D Goodnight.

PS (WAM here) You seeeeee why I am in love with myyyyyyyyyyyyyy Mon and not willing to share!??!!??! You SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!??!?


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LMAO @ your very interesting day!

"And er... ja so we got dressed and stuff"

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