Sunday October 3, 2004

Cruising around...

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Yep I'm travelling the world yet again (quiet conquest!). As most of you will know, I am off to cold Norway to visit my wonderful Mon for 6 days! :D :x :D :x :D Yeah I know y'all are jealous and so you should be. I'd be jealous too if I wasn't me. 8-}

I'm gonna miss you all (esp. Lo & Mel... I'd miss Matty too but he's never on anyway *sulk*) ... I hope you will miss me too and if not then screw you, I never liked you anyway.

I'm sure Mon will make me update at some point, she always bosses me around like that. Did I mention I am excited? My most lovely property's gonna pick me up from the airport tomorrow altho is quite a way out for him. I have a good property! :x

Now I will be off. :D

Byeeee!! :D



Posted by: Tom at Sun October 3, 2004 1:26

Oh. My. God. This layout! You have no idea how obsessed I am with Strindberg + Helium! I have LJ icons, .wav files... I own the damn fanlisting. *lol* Oh, man. Good to see another fan out there. Best movies ever. I wish I had that kind of talent to create such genius. Anyway. Have fun on your trip! You will be missed. xo

Posted by: Skyler at Sun October 3, 2004 9:45

Ohhhh have fun and dont forget to take lots of pictures.
I know im never online thesse days, i have been a very busy girl working the streets.

Bye bye sweets and have fun with Mon

Posted by: Matty at Sun October 3, 2004 16:38

Thanks guys!!!

@ Skyler, I can't believe you like him too! There's quite a few us now that are quite obsessed with him.
And yeah I wish I could come up with that kinda stuff too.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun October 3, 2004 18:14