Sunday September 19, 2004

Bored, tired and squiZZobsessed

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Mhm hence the return of the hands. I wanted smileysquiZZ but then he goes :-& and all. :| Dunno why I'm so very obsessed again all of a sudden. He's very yum tho.

Today was manic at work. No idea where all them people came from. I am liking my Samuel tho, except you can't define your own sounds for txt messages. Very annoying. Rest is cool tho, esp. all the sexy squiZZpics I've transferred to it... ahem sorry. Bluetooth works too which is great (on the PC I mean. Never used to). Tomorrow I'll go into town and get T-Mobile to set up MMS, Internet and all that for me (hopefully). I'll also collect my present from Lo. :D And buy a new microwave cuz ours is fucked and generates scary sparks. (|

I have seven more jobs to apply for. Deadlines are 22nd, 23rd & 24th. Should keep me busy, that. Didn't do any of it today obviously. *sigh* Um yeah. I vacuumed a spider yesterday. First one I've seen in here since January. Our flat is a tip. May tidy tomorrow. Now... bed. No Apartheid entry as you can see... maybe later. Maybe never. *yawn* Night. Oh, and I want my Mon back (don't you love my delightfully annoying habit of repeating myself ad nauseam).


When you have finished with Squizz can I borrow him?

Posted by: Matty at Mon September 20, 2004 10:54

I'll think about it.

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon September 20, 2004 11:24