Saturday September 18, 2004

What an exciting life I lead!

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I am back home!!!! And I brought loads of stuff (some of which I may show you later). I have the flat to myself thank God, so I could just dump all my bags in the hallway - I expect they will remain there until 1hr before my flatmate's return on Monday. :wh

Hm yeah so my stay in Luxembourg was.... interesting. I managed to wreck my mum's PC the very first night I was there so had to reinstall XP... and basically the first day I was using it I caught some nasty trojan or sth... I honestly don't know how on earth this was possible unless someone specifically targeted my mum's PC as soon as it was back online... or that it actually came with one of the installation CDs. :-/ But there it was.

So yeah that kept annoying me - and obviously freaked out my mum no end (she'd had viruses before too, and you know how the whole PC thing scares her anyway)... plus I'd ordered REM tickets that morning (woooo, BML Me and I will go see REM in July next year - ages yet I know but exciting nonetheless) so obviously I wasn't too happy myself... so I blocked my credit card (which means I have to re-register the new one with PayPal yet again, and also re-order Launch...).

PLUS of course I had to change all my passwords... well I didn't have to but chose to anyway cuz paranoid... but I've decided that's actually a good thing since it was long overdue (been using the same ones for sth like 6yrs) and I've thought up some really cool ones on my way here (definition of a cool password: they-re impossible to work out but easy for me to remember, they're made up of letters AND numbers, they SOUND funky AND one has a reference to Mon and one has one to squiZZ)... so yeah. This is like a huge thing... a new chapter of my onlineness has begun. *lol*

What else... I got everything done, I have new brakes for my rollerblades, new windscreen wipers for my Lara, I actually washed and waxed my Lara (!), I bought loads of clothes, I saw my Prince, Martine, Claire and her cool dog named Voodoo, Gaby, Chantal... and I didn't once switch on my TV (mind you, I did have a fucked up PC to take care of). Oooh and of course I got a new mobile, it is very confusing still as it's my first non-Siemens ever... its name is Sam(uel) the Sony(Ericsson), after Samuel Taylor Coleridge (don't ask).

Oh yes, remember the Schommers aka the Bastards - owners of the Riding School where I used to spend all my time? The ones telling all those imaginative lies about me after I left - from "she smokes dope" to "she seduces our son's girlfriends in the shower" and "she went on hunger strike so we would take her back"? And then that most outrageous one - "she threatened to accuse me of sexual abuse if I didn't give her what she wanted" (whatever that was, he never specified). Well they're still at it. I've been gone over four years now and Robert Sr still seems to hold this irrational grudge against me. I don't get it - I honestly don't. We had a turbulent relationship I admit, but I can't understand how he can still be that  bent on giving me grief. I was so fucking mad when I heard about this I thought about doing sth really nasty in return (I'd have enough to go on) but I dunno if I can still be bothered now. Maybe I'll google-bomb them. I know it would be stooping to their level but hell, I could sue them for slander with the stuff they've come up with!

My mum and I had another massive argument last night (I've toyed with the idea of calling this entry "I loathe my mother" - might give me some more nice referrals), which started with her telling me I'm fat (therefore ugly) and she's ashamed of being seen in public with me (and that my fatness may be one reason I can't find a job - you've gotta laugh) and ended with her saying I'm a failure (yes thanks for reminding me mum, I knew that anyway). It was fun.

Good thing is, it doesn't affect me at all anymore. I don't care if she thinks I'm ugly, I stink, that I've made all the wrong choices, that my friends should emigrate to the moon, that she feels she has to be ashamed of me... I honestly don't give a flying fuck. I'm not out to impress her - I have people who stand by me and support me and just cuz she's my mother doesn't mean I have to bend over backwards to make her happy - she ain't ever gonna be happy anyway, no matter what. If she won't get her stomach ulcers from my abysmal failure, she'll get them from something else.

Ja so the end yet again. Well there was another fucking long entry. Maybe pictures later. Now I must change passwords, read diaries, watch DVDs, check messageboards, chat to people, play with mobiles and other fun stuff. *hehe* Then go to work. *sigh* Byeee.


fat!? I think she needs to buy new glasses.

Posted by: Evelien at Sat September 18, 2004 15:38

Hey hey hey!
Glad you had fun. Samuel is my middle name. I don't know how much I like it. But it's cool you got yourself a new phone. So did I! I figured out, with a certain person's help how to do the text messaging. I'm like in the 21st century now or something.

R.E.M....Wow. That is exciting. i just saw that they had a small show somewhere and Thom Yorke came on stage and sang E-Bow with Michael Stipe. Mikey was so nervous that they had to do the song again. That would have been like paradise. And it is paradise music wise around here! I'm going to see P.J. Harvey, Public Enemy, and De La Soul in the next month. At my favorite place! And there are other small bands that I really like too.

I would say don't look for revenge against anyone. Eventhough it is extremely rude for people to say those things about you just be above that and don't let it bother you. Get your new job and have fun with your friends and trips!

Welcome home :)

Posted by: jimmy at Sat September 18, 2004 15:39

Thanks both of you

Cute Michael Stipe

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun September 19, 2004 11:30

>I actually washed and waxed my Lara

Posted by: Val at Sun September 19, 2004 11:53

Sh*t, don't know why only half my msg came through, this is what I intended to post:

>I actually washed and waxed my Lara

I'm glad that most people know who Lara is

I'd also like to note that you looked pretty damn good in those jeans you were wearing - thought you had lost weight since the last time I saw you

Sorry for my lack of coolness but what is google-bombing?

Posted by: Val at Sun September 19, 2004 11:57

LOL that's why I linked the word - click it and you will have it explained. So you don't even need to actually USE Google to find out

My guess is your message was eaten because you used a < to 'close' your quote, which MT interprets as the start of an HTML tag. I believe I have explained this to you before.

Yes the jeans are very flattering eh. Have not lost much weight tho. And am currently gaining much. *munch munch*

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun September 19, 2004 16:03

Yes, I thought so (about the eaten msg)

Aha, I read the google-bomb thing. So you need some support for that...

Posted by: Val at Sun September 19, 2004 17:12

Ja but only people with websites can help me.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun September 19, 2004 17:27

LMAO at 'she seduces sons girlfriends in shower'. Thats hilarious. Although I'd have to do something back simply cus that 'don't hold a grudge' malarkey isn't very satisfying.

Oh and as for Mum- loves you really.

Posted by: shazia at Sun September 19, 2004 21:08