Saturday September 11, 2004

I heart Mark!

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Ja so you know I called in sick and all... cuz I wanted to do all those job applications... and when I did, Mark (the duty manager) was like "oh but we already have 3 people off work, is it really that bad, can't you take some painkillers, have you been to a doctor's with those headaches, please try to make it in" blabla so I felt bad and went to work anyway. I was slightly annoyed that he didn't seem to believe me but well ja.

Then when I got there Mark was all "are you ok, how you feeling, thanks for coming in, if you feel worse give me a shout and I'll let you go home", very sweet. Then later on he came up to me and went "what's your favourite chocolate?" and I said "Galaxy =P~" (without the drooling)... so he comes back with this massive bar of Galaxy to thank me for coming in despite my "horrible headache"!!! How fucking cute is that!? :x Esp. cuz my headache (I do have one!) was not even worth mentioning.

So ja I think I wanna marry Mark. I have to find out what his surname is tho, don't wanna be called something stupid. *lol*


Wooo! Let us know what his surname is when you find out!!

BTW: Galaxyyyyyyy.... *plink*

Posted by: Mel at Sun September 12, 2004 0:41


Posted by: Clarissa at Sun September 12, 2004 1:16

Please send me that Galaxy

Posted by: Tom at Sun September 12, 2004 1:46


Posted by: Evelien at Sun September 12, 2004 14:17

You bitch j/k

*LOL* @checking out his surname.

"Love is in the air, do do doo, do do doo, love is in the air..."

Posted by: Val at Mon September 13, 2004 17:22

As if that giant bar of Galaxy was any good for you.

Posted by: Anne at Mon September 13, 2004 21:07