Monday August 23, 2004

Back again...

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... and very Loless. :(( :(( :(( She ain't even online!!! (where is she???). Nor is anyone else but I guess that's to be expected on a Monday morning. At least I have my LaunchCast to keep me company. Don't mention the D-word!!! (Dissertation that is - eek I said it!) I did get some reading done on my way back, maybe I can draw another 2000 words from that. Now I just have to write them.... tonight. :|

The trip home wasn't so bad actually. I mean long and boring in part, but at least there was diversity - plane, airport, plane, airport, bus.. you know. Very exciting stuff. Got some shopping done in Frankfurt tho, and Lufthansa seats are quite comfortable (lots of leg room - even more so when you're at the emergency exit 8-}). No annoying kids as neighbours either. At Heathrow I ended up at the wrong terminal for baggage reclaim (apparently lots of people do it, so shut it) and had to be led back into the right area (huge hassle - lazy airport people), so obviously I was late for my bus... but lo and behold, the bus was late too so I didn't miss it! :D For once I didn't hate the M25. *hehe*

So as I said.. I am back home. I am feeling shaky and hungry but there is not much to eat in the house and I am too lazy to go shopping. I've just boiled some eggs. I like boiled eggs. So work today, then much dissertation-writing (there's that word again). Sounds like fun uh? It is. Matty isn't moving down to Worthing (yet) after all which is very depressing. Vega is in Brighton now tho so will meet up with her and have a Bowie orgy and call her Pet. Hopefully. :-n Then once my dissertation is done I will change my life completely and become a different person. No honest! Stay tuned... :|

PS I have the "hold control while clicking links" disease again. 8-|
PPS Here's the only authorized Lopic for you. *hehe*


@ Lo pic
Is THAT all we get?!

Posted by: JarJar at Mon August 23, 2004 12:17

'fraid so.

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon August 23, 2004 12:21

that disease is the bestttttt!

I love Lo's arms!

Posted by: squiZZle at Mon August 23, 2004 17:25

No it's not.

I thought you specialised in guys' arms.
(mine btw)

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon August 23, 2004 20:29

I'm easy pleased

Posted by: squiZZle at Tue August 24, 2004 18:48

that's a bit rude

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue August 24, 2004 20:47

it's also complete bullshit.

Posted by: squiZZle at Wed August 25, 2004 1:48

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed August 25, 2004 9:53