Friday August 20, 2004

I am still heeere...

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They're bullying me into updating again. :| "Them" being the usual Mon & Lo (hence the category) and also TrisTris.

So today we had rain. We got stuff done before it started raining tho. Yesterday it didn't rain until we were back home, which was fun. The day before too. I think the rain today is telling me to do some work on my dissertation - well guess what!? Screw you rain! :|

Er yeah anyway. Enough about the weather. I have seen much of Riga (well, I'm sure there's more I haven't seen but you know... I've seen quite a bit). Lo is a very cute guide. Sometimes she gets lost and has to get out her map (not to be confused with M.A.P.), but most of the time she doesn't, and she knows a lot of stuff about Riga. As does her guidebook. Also, as already mentioned, she has this cuteness thing going on. :P

So we've been to many museums, to parks, to churches, to top floor bars in Hotels, to church towers, to streets with nice houses, to the beach, to cemeteries, to the canal, to McDonald's, to the market, to shops and to countless other places I am forgetting now. Pics will probably be up when I get home.

I generally slept far too long every single day, which is bad of course, but was much fun. Lo didn't go to her German class today, evil child, but instead was up almost all night flirting with Seb, who seems to be under the impression that he owns her. He is of course utterly mistaken. Eeeeveryone and eeeeverything is mine, incl. Lo's fluffy cat who I am taking home with me.

Oh and for all those less in tune with my Placebo obsession, that previous entry was about the fact that they (Placebo, dumbass!) will be playing Wembley on 5th November and I will be there (of course), hopefully along with my most adorable properties Mon and Lo. Lo and Mon. L:xM:xn-M:xnL:x. Much drooling shall be done. It's ages yet but very very very very exciting. :D =P~ :yay

BTW, random fact - one's first encounter with a far-away friend's mobile is a very emotional occasion. I mean, computers all look the same and if you chat to someone on Yahoo you'll know what it will look like on the other end. But to lay eyes on the mobile for the first time... this little device on which so many text messages have been composed... it's something words fail to describe. A very intense moment. :P

OK that's enough craptalk, Lo is getting impatient. ;;)


Oooh I like Nice & long update! Riga sounds great, glad you're enjoying

Posted by: JarJar at Fri August 20, 2004 18:13

Posted by: Wam at Fri August 20, 2004 19:00

Have owned Lo long before you, am looking up ownership papers as we speak!

Posted by: Sebastiaan at Fri August 20, 2004 23:37

Hey you! Paul's bday is on Sept 5th so I will be busy all day. Also, I can NOT text when Im in England cause I havent gotten that activated yet (cant activate it now either cause they have to send me papers to sign and too late for that now). Just so you know.

Posted by: Vega at Fri August 20, 2004 23:54

oh... I can recieve texts though, but cant reply to them.

Posted by: Vega at Sat August 21, 2004 4:05

@ Seb.

Oh @ Vega. Ok. Guess I'll have to ring you then to arrange sth. Or I'll just txt you our address and go "come. here. now."

Posted by: Wam at Sat August 21, 2004 9:39


Posted by: tris at Sat August 21, 2004 19:44

lol Ghetto Tris in da house!!!!!

Posted by: Wam at Sat August 21, 2004 19:46

lol @ Citz! something like that will do :)

Posted by: Vega at Sun August 22, 2004 14:49