Wednesday August 18, 2004

I have a Lo!!!!!

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So I am in Riga, where there is a Lo (in other words, I have a Lo). She is very cute and very pretty and all mine (in case you didn't know muahahaha).

Yesterday we walked around Old Riga and Lo showed me nice buildings and I was being very touristy and took lots of pictures. There are tons of tourists here, mainly Germans (but as we know, Germans, much like the Dutch, are everywhere), also French and Italian. Not seen any Dutch so far (so maybe they are not everywhere). I bought a nice green bag for my stuff (paying with Latvian Lats, hehe). And Lo took me to eat dumplings. And when we got home Lo's mum fed me loads more food. :P

Ja, um... I was very tired all day yesterday as I had travelled all night (and altho I slept on the bus and on both planes, that only amounted to a few hours of sleep), so after the sightseeing we went to the beach where I slept some more, then came home where I slept again... then we were online for a while and watched Placebo (I wanna see them agaaaiiin) and talked and played with the rat and the cat (separately), and because online was boring we went to bed around 11ish... and I slept until 1pm today. :o :)) *ahem*

Hehe. Ja and now we will go back into Riga and do more sightseeing, woooo!!!


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Posted by: JarJar at Wed August 18, 2004 12:26

Hi guys. A big HELLO to Lo

Posted by: Val at Wed August 18, 2004 16:56


Posted by: Lo at Wed August 18, 2004 17:37


Hi Val! Stay away from my Lo

(lol is there anyone here that isn't mine? )

Posted by: Wam at Wed August 18, 2004 17:43

Hellooooo! Glad you having fun, am too busy being scared by storms

Posted by: BML The at Wed August 18, 2004 19:03

Posted by: Wam at Wed August 18, 2004 19:44

You're right about the Dutch. It's so embarrassing.

Posted by: Evelien at Wed August 18, 2004 21:19

Who/what is MAP?

Posted by: Val at Thu August 19, 2004 12:53

Come back! I have nothing to read to pass the time at work!!!!

Posted by: Mel at Thu August 19, 2004 14:13

LOL @ Mel, poor kid. Get some other people to update.
M.A.P. = Mon Angel Person.
Note to self.

Posted by: Wam at Thu August 19, 2004 19:57

Brian looks chubby in that picture.

*awaits being hit*

Posted by: BML The at Sun August 22, 2004 23:26

does not
horrible haircut tho

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon August 23, 2004 10:36