Sunday August 15, 2004

What was I THINKING!?

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So Mon is making me update. Well, she's not making me... well she tried to make me but then I got her to update first... so that makes it more fun. Her update is very cute but that was to be expected, her being the Mon that she is. :x And she even wrote more than 5 sentences (which was the mininum I had set her).

But that's not why I said "what was I thinking?" I said that because... well I was under the impression my flight(s) to Riga (via Vienna) were quite late on Tuesday. But I must have got that mixed up with the Norway one, because it is in fact quite early on Tuesday. 6.35am to be exact. Which means I have to catch the bus to Heathrow at 3.10am on Monday night. Thank God there are buses all through the night cuz otherwise I would have had to catch an even earlier one and stayed overnight at Heathrow... then again it doesn't really make much of a difference cuz 3.10 still means I won't get any sleep at all, unless I fall asleep on the coach itself, which wouldn't be a good idea cuz then I'd probably miss my stop and end up at Stansted or something like that. :|

Ja so as Mon said in her entry, and as I have said previously, I am going to Riga to visit Lo. Some people accuse me of travelling a lot or even too much. It's weird cuz I never was under that impression... but I guess depending on how you look at it I really do travel a lot. Never too much tho. And I'm only ever visiting friends so I get to stay over for free so I am entitled to travelling more. :D In September I'll go to Paris, finally. :x And there's a few other places I need to go. I don't want a job. :no Travelling is much more fun! :D

Is that enough entry? ;;)



WAM will be online in RIga too

Posted by: JarJar at Sun August 15, 2004 22:36

Tho not all the time cuz sometimes must be polite and talk to her host

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun August 15, 2004 22:45

Yes WHAT were you thinking? tut-tut
Maybe you should just stay home? muahah

Posted by: Other people at Mon August 16, 2004 12:54