Saturday August 14, 2004

Just add water, stir in lime

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Mhm. I have nothing interesting to say but I am posting all the same. I have quite a record of achievement for today. Written some 950 words (!), which brings me up to 14,515 - (incl. footnotes and endnotes of course, but what do you expect). I have also tidied and cleaned my room (the soot-like dust that gathers within days - I assume it's from exhaust fumes - is utterly disgusting) and washed some black clothes (the blackness is very relevant). Handwashing clothes isn't so bad, it's the drying that's a pain.

Yeah so considering it's only 4pm, that is quite remarkable. I am off to work in about 20mins - wish me luck regarding the shift-covering business. *sigh* I'm so hopeless (but I am free, lol). Looking at the Asda car park below I can tell it's gonna be busy again, but that's to be expected on a Saturday and it's only some 4hrs... plus I have my stuff to learn by heart. I wonder if people notice that I am rather distracted... and probably muttering to myself! :)) :wh

Change of subject. Don't you find those pseudo-poetic domain names that many girls choose rather interesting (and a bit pretentious)? One could do a study about them. Random samples taken from Skyler's pluggage:

Hm. Then you have Woo! :))
Um ok that is all I think, I must be off. One day soon I will write an utterly riveting diary entry. Promise! :|


lmao, how interesting.

anyways ive come here tonight on a mission to plug my ALL NEW journal!

Posted by: Tom at Sat August 14, 2004 19:57

Woooo! Cool domain! I can't believe that wasn't already taken!

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat August 14, 2004 21:21


yeh i was quite surprised too.

Posted by: Tom at Sat August 14, 2004 21:24