Monday August 9, 2004

By request... quoting myself

Category: Randomness | 2 Comments | Posted 23:15

clarissa (9:52:01 PM): not much can happen with him anyway. he keeps me occupied

clarissa (7:05:39 PM): tho I haven't spoken to him in a few days

clarissa (2:27:38 PM): barely spoken to him lately, just 1 text

clarissa (8:52:55 PM): no, "fun" isn't the word

clarissa (8:53:05 PM): more of a... necessity somehow

clarissa (2:24:05 PM): you're not allowed to be afraid :|

clarissa (12:45:44 AM): at least you're only like this when you're drunk :|

clarissa (7:00:59 PM): there may be no later

clarissa (9:40:45 PM): we will have to drown ourselves in the canal :D


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