Friday August 6, 2004

Found Photos

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This site shows private pictures randomly stolen from people on p2p filesharers.


I had some pics from New Year's Eve in Norway downloaded off me a couple of months back. Maybe they're on there? If anyone can be bothered to go through 40 pages to check, feel free. I won't - they weren't of me! :evil :))


I've checked a few of those pics - nothing very exciting though... I mean, they're very decent!

Posted by: Val at Fri August 6, 2004 20:07

You little perve. Ja I think the guy filtered out the filth. I remember playing the game myself once (downloading random pics off random people) and I got almost exclusively porn!

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri August 6, 2004 20:17

lol, luckily I wasn't there at new years.

Posted by: tris at Fri August 6, 2004 20:59

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat August 7, 2004 11:15

not found any Norway yet but I have found a certain MJ fan:

Posted by: squiZZle at Sun August 8, 2004 15:07

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun August 8, 2004 16:10

Ooooohh.. Danny, Ken, Jason & Aaron!!!!

Posted by: Mel at Sun August 8, 2004 18:12