Thursday August 5, 2004

PoMoPo w/ com*

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Ratatatatatatatatatatat! Ugh Meh. Shuffle.
(I was rudely woken by loud noise in the street. I read for a while.)
Clank hiss crackle munch.
(I got up and made myself some eggs on toast, which I then ate)
Click click dumdeedum click click taptaptaptaptaptaptaptapetc.
(I surfed around for a while then wrote some 300 words on my dissertation)
Woo splash gurgle splash splash aaaah ... hm!
(I went for a nice swim and lay sizzling in the sun for a while)
Woosh, taptaptap munch munch taptaptap yawn. Taptap.
(Quick shower, dissertation, rice & weg for lunch, more dissertation. Some chatting too.)
Sigh, blah, rustle. Munch.
(990 words. enough of this shit. off to bed for some reading. Hmm chocolate!)
(writing this entry. the end.)

* Postmodern Poem with commentary


I like

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I'm impressed!!!!!

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