Monday July 26, 2004

The Hytte report

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So I'm back from Trysil. Here is my report. I am bored and not tired so this could be long - but that's what was requested by a few people anyway (tho some of them were actually there...)

So. I flew SAS from Heathrow (2hr coach journey, hooray)... was late (but cheap) flight so arrived 20.35 or sth (Gardermoen was deserted, almost ghostly!). I was picked up by a most lovely (and very mine) Mon and we drove straight to the hytte. Mon made me drive half way thru cuz she was half blind (and red-eyed) but I didn't die. :-) Norway is freaky cuz you have to have your headlights on all the time. But that's ok.

So we got there and I moved in. And d followed shortly after. He brought us roses. Then we did things and went to bed. I can't remember what we did but I remember going to bed. Late. Next day Mon-eye was worse so we went to Elverum hospital (everything in Norway is so fucking far apart - 68km to the nearest hospital!! it's so... weird!!!) - well Mon went to hospital and d and I walked around Elverum and I bought a very cute Diddl sticky pad.

Ja bladibla then I don't remember. So let's be more generic and less specific. Mostly we read and played games (electronic or otherwise and d almost beat Mon)... we listened to music (much Brandy or depressed music and some Robbie in between) and sometimes we even communicated. And we slept and ate too.

OK. Some random highlights:

  • the 2nd day it was sunny and we went for a walk up the ski slopes. It was tiring tho ET didn't think so. We had a cool view at some point. Then we found a nice place to rest/read/listen to music. That was very enjoyable (except for the pesky flies).
  • d didn't want to skydive but he jumped from hytte roof. Well balcony anyway. The people above were asleep.
  • On Friday night we buried a good friend. Tho a sad occasion, it was also very entertaining cuz Mon was very drunk. Unlike the rest of us of course.
  • On Saturday we went for a ride (Mon and I that is). It was great fun and I learnt where Santa Claus (the Christmas guy!) is from but my bum still hurts.

Today we left. We packed up & tidied hytte (well Mon did most of it :wh) and drove back thru endless miles of Norwegian countryside (and tho again I drove for about half of it I still have next to no idea of (south-)Norwegian geography. Woo I like road signs!)

Conclusion? I've spent a week with an angel. And now I miss her terribly. I considered emigrating but my addiction is too expensive. So I'll have to lure her here. With her dog.

PS I think I want to elevate linking to an art form.


I love my wamwaaaaaaaaaaaaam

Posted by: JarJar at Mon July 26, 2004 22:17

move damnit. MOVE!!!

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon July 26, 2004 22:21

that pic of monMon witghe angel wings is VERY cute. I lOVE it. where were you when you got my text on my bifffday??

Posted by: Kal at Mon July 26, 2004 22:53

That little dog called 'ET' Is adorable!! I want one!

Good report by the way, that place looks bootifull.

Posted by: Matty at Mon July 26, 2004 23:27

It makes me very happy to see you all having a wonderful time. I feel a little melancholy and wistful in that I wish I could have shared good times with you too, but I'll focus on the good:).

I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

I hope your eye is feeling better Monica.

Yes she is an angel. And I'm sure Daniel is very nice too, although I have not met him. It's just not good at all to focus on what you don't have and stuff. That your friends can't be with you at the moment. So just think about the fun times that you just had and maybe there can be some more one day.

It looked fun! I think Santa Claus is from Finland. But am I wrong?

bye bye

Posted by: Jimmy at Tue July 27, 2004 4:23

Santa Claus is from the North Pole really.

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue July 27, 2004 19:49

Well yes he does:). But the legend of Santa was created in Finland? I could be wrong though.

Posted by: jimmy at Thu July 29, 2004 2:44

Santa Claus originates from the legend of St. Nicholas, who was popular throughout Europe. The Dutch brought him to the US.

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu July 29, 2004 11:53

Takk, my eye is better now.

The "American" Santa Claus is from Holland I believe...Sinter Klaas.

(The real santa is from Norway though.)

Posted by: JarJar at Thu July 29, 2004 12:01

Ja so obviously wam comment wasn't there when I posted mine.

Posted by: JarJar at Thu July 29, 2004 12:03


Posted by: Clarissa at Thu July 29, 2004 13:12