Wednesday July 14, 2004

Making edible stuff

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I am bored... and not working on my dissertation as I should... so I've decided to teach you how to make one of my fave foods of the moment... a big bowl of stuff, the premium version! :D Watch! *hehe*

These are the ingredients you need: Uncle Bens microwaveable Egg Fried Rice (Asda do 4 for 2!), some mixed vegetables (these are Asda, the Lidl ones are nice too), and for the premium version some chicken dippers or some other form of chicken.

For the "sauce" you need mayo, pref. some olive oil to add, herbes de provence (these are most important!! It's ALL about the herbes de provence!!) and if you want some other condiments, like this SeasonAll.

While the chicken dippers are on the grill (I took a pic of that too but our grill is too dirty to be shown on this respectable site), you mix the sauce by adding the ingredients in a big pretty bowl. (loads of herbes de provence ok!?)

The vegetables and the rice go in the microwave - the veg some 5mins after you put the chicken on (add some water!), and you add the rice about 2-3mins later (then the whole thing goes for another 2mins or so).

Eeeeverything goes in the big green bowl with the sauce (cut the chicken for extra fun and drain the water from the veg).

Mix it all together to obtain nice colourful... stuff. There we go. Yum! :D *lol*


Looks yummy... I might think about making that sometime...

Just need to drag me arse to ASDA for the ingredients!

Posted by: Mel at Wed July 14, 2004 18:45

did u actually get that bloody reply I sent to ur essay? *scratches chin*

Posted by: shazia at Wed July 14, 2004 19:33

Hey Shazia, no I never did I'm afraid
Do you have a copy? you could mail it straight to webmaster[at]

Heehee @ Mel. Shame you have a bit further to travel than us!

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed July 14, 2004 19:40

Visited these links and thought of you:

Posted by: Vega at Thu July 15, 2004 0:40

I didn't go in the end. I was tired so I nipped out to the corner shop to buy "Pasta 'n' Sauce" Mehh!!!

Will make it next week when Mel Mum & Brother are here!

Posted by: Mel at Thu July 15, 2004 0:42

Wow Vega, that Marsden archive is amazing!!! *drool* Thanks for the links!

Lol @ Mel. Not surprised.

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu July 15, 2004 11:16

Youre welcome

Posted by: Vega at Thu July 15, 2004 11:49

I will try that one! If my boyfriend doesn't like it, I'll give him your phone number for complaints, OK?

Posted by: Suha at Thu July 15, 2004 15:38

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu July 15, 2004 16:01


I feel a lawsuit coming on!!!

Posted by: Mel at Thu July 15, 2004 16:05

LMFAO you FREAK!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu July 15, 2004 16:20