Friday July 9, 2004

Bumpy riiiiiiiiide!!!!!!

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Just to make my Mon happy, hehe. Um yeah so we been to see Harry Potter just now, it was funfun. Before that we did go to Arundel, but not to Devil's Dyke (missed the exit), instead to Ditchling Beacon, and also to the amazing Lancing College Chapel... it didn't rain, which was rather fabulous. I took pictures, which I may share with you at a later date. Or maybe not. Who knows what's gonna happen.

I have been feeling really irritable all day tho, mainly because of my.... well I was now gonna say stomach problem, but really I am just feeling fidgety and prickly and tense and hypersensitive and... very strange all over (tho the center of it seems to be in my stomach... and lower back, intriguingly) I just wanna, I dunno, run around and flail my arms and scream or sth. Sitting still is really hard, but not sitting still is not so much fun on my stomach. And also not so good for lazy people. Craig thinks it's all psychosomatic & stress-related, which it may well be, tho the alcohol certainly has not been helping. But I didn't drink tonight! :o First time in almost a week. :|

Er, not much else to say. Maybe I'll just go outside and run along the seafront, flailing my arms and screaming wildly. I think I just need to get away from myself for a bit. :-? Any diagnoses, professional or amateur, are welcome. :|


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Maybe you're pregnant.

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