Friday July 9, 2004


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I have 24 bruises from my various fights with demented Scots. 3 massive ones on my back and thigh. Those I attribute to my evil bitch of a flatmate, with whom I had a most amusing shaving-gel-fight and general-wrestling-session (incl. getting drenched in the shower) last night. That was before our lovely Bronian guest puked all over LJ's room after getting seriously plastered. :)) :|

So yeah, we're having a rather full house, and very international too - Scotland overrepresented unfortunately, then a mad Irish woman and a crazy guy from "down under" where they don't fall off the planet (and I still don't get why :-/). It's muchly entertaining, heeheehee (tho the throwing up session was scaaaaary :-n so I conveniently kept well clear of LJ's room) and I do not miss my PetŪ one bit. No no. *shakes head vigourously* :| (ahem)

Today we're going to... um no idea. *looks at Craig* Probably Arundel. Maybe with a quick trip to Devil's Dyke. It's not raining today you see. Well, not yet but let's be optimistic eh. It rained loads yesterday, but I dragged him and J around Brighton anyway (and bought the most amazing coffin-with-bat bag! Pic later).

PS This is oh so funny (but also ever so sad :(( :(( :(()


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Posted by: JarJar at Fri July 9, 2004 12:38

Ohhh an update!!! (though I already died anyway as promised, so you're invited to the funeral )

btw I want to kidnap Craig as well

Posted by: Lo at Fri July 9, 2004 12:45

hehe I'm sure Craig will be happy to comply

When's the FUNeral? I'll be there of course.

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri July 9, 2004 17:20

Will you lot have moved away by the time I get to Brighton Uni?

I'm scared.

Posted by: Dave at Fri July 9, 2004 18:42

you are planning to study in Brighton too???

I'm not planning to move anywhere so soon. But we're not as dangerous as we sound.

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri July 9, 2004 19:53

Well I'm scared nonetheless.

I'm planning on doing Sports Journalism down there. Fun Fun FUN!

Posted by: Dave at Sun July 11, 2004 0:14


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