Monday June 28, 2004


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*muahahahaha* :evil :yay :D
How damn exciting is my life!? Why so I hear you ask?
Well listen to this...

1. I'm on holiday for a whole month!! Nevermind dissertations and moneylessness, let's rejoice in the fact that I will not be serving any annoying customers until August!
2. I've got an Asda discount card! :D 10% on everything except petrol (and cigarettes but well ja). How cool is that!? I have to keep working there just for that card. :))
3. It's still sunny! Dunno if and how long it's gonna last, but as long as it does it makes me smile. :-)
4. Less than two days and I will have a squiZZ! :x =P~ :x All to myself!! (and no intention of sharing! :evil)
5. I have a pizza in the oven (and 2 more in the freezer) and a glass of wine on my desk.
6. Brandy on Launch! (haven't got her new album yet, but will get tomorrow)

My life is complete. :D


I want to go on (paid) holiday for a month!!!!

And I want a NellyPet!

Posted by: Mel at Tue June 29, 2004 1:46

.... but you can keep the squiZZpet!

Posted by: Mel at Tue June 29, 2004 1:47

Wouldn't give you the squiZZpet anyway
Hehe @ NellyPet. So was she better than AliciaPet?

LOL @ paid holiday. One can dream eh...

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue June 29, 2004 17:41