Monday June 28, 2004

Less boring entry

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Ja so here's another entry for Mon cuz she's finding my previous one boring (how dare she). And I'll try to add some links for Vega. So I can talk about my day maybe. I cleaned the lounge today. You do not want to know what it looked like behind my Mikey (PC). But now it's all clean and nice and pretty. (I didn't find the PetŪ's cam cradle tho.) I was gonna rearrange the furniture, but I couldn't find any other ways to put it so it's back the way it was. :| I have however put my wonderful Peace flag over our fake fireplace.

I started filling in the application form for the job I want, but got bored. I spoke on the phone to Kate (who was gonna come visit, but couldn't cuz no trains between Portsmouth and Brighton), and chatted on Yahoo to Marc (old friend from Lux, and only person I chat to in Luxembourgish, which is strange). He got annoyed when I told him to check my diary after he asked me what I'd been up to. I was gonna go for a walk around the cemetery (cuz was nice and sunny), but then Mon came on and we chatted instead, and then it was too late. :))

Ja, then surfed and chatted and surfed and chatted and so on, and now it's past midnight and time for bed. :-) Hope this wasn't too boring. ;))


No not boring, was much better than the last one hehe.
So ja... um... goodnight.

Posted by: JarJar at Mon June 28, 2004 0:46


Posted by: Clarissa at Mon June 28, 2004 0:47

Yayyyyy... muitos de links!!!!

Posted by: Mel at Mon June 28, 2004 1:25

Hehe. cute Mel

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon June 28, 2004 11:34

Jaa... I be!

Posted by: Mel at Mon June 28, 2004 13:22

It was the links that made the entry outstanding. Yep indeedy.

Posted by: Vega at Tue June 29, 2004 10:34