Sunday June 27, 2004

Think local, act online

Category: The Web | 3 Comments | Posted 19:00

Due to my increasing boredom, I have been trying to find some new forum or other place to post and waste my time. But I can't really find anything I am dedicated enough about.

So now I've found the Brighton and Hove forums with such fascinating topics as traffic problems, uncollected rubbish, working at Asda (hehe), West Pier, more West Pier and so on. It's a bit like reading your local newspaper's letters page, which is always amusing. So yeah maybe I'll settle there. :))


You should! Both Paul and I are registered there. Paul posts now and then and Ive posted like... three times? Uhm... yeah. But its a cute forum!

Posted by: Vega at Tue June 29, 2004 10:36

aaaaaah. *heeheehee*
Well I've registered. Not found much to post about so far tho.

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue June 29, 2004 17:43

Join me at, its full of bitchy queens like myself though.

Posted by: Matty at Thu July 1, 2004 21:08