Sunday June 13, 2004


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I would like to go lie on the beach. But I know for a fact that as soon as I go down there and spread my towel and my limbs, a big arse cloud will come and cover the sun and it will be cold and unsunny. I bet you don't believe me, but such is the nature of my bad luck. I would go down and do it just to prove it to you. If I wasn't so lazy.

Yes but that's not what this entry was gonna be about. Football. Euro 2004. What a huge fucking waste of money in promotion, merchandise and whatnot! And at what an incredibly high risk! Flags, banners, books, chairs, mugs, T-shirts, fridges etc. Special offers on booze, food, TVs and so on. All devised to last until the end of the championship! And if they don't make it past the preliminaries (is that what you call it?) all this stuff will be wasted! I mean who wants an England Euro 2004 flag if the team are out?

And I imagine it's the same thing in every country that stands a remote chance of winning... and they all think they do don't they? So loads of blue-white-red stuff in France, lots of orange stuff in the Netherlands, lots of black-red-gold in Germany... and not all these teams can make it into the finals or semi-finals. So most of the stuff will end up in the bins. How idiotic.

I support France btw. I'd support England but I reckon France are better and I don't like supporting losers. And I was in Paris for the World Cup 1998 and had one of the greatest times of my life so they deserve my support. Oh and whoever wins I hope it won't be Germany. Other than that I have absolutely no interest in football. :))

PS Oh sod it. *off to the beach*


Football, how horrid. I was a huge fan of football when I was 14. It was only because I had a huge crush on Henke Larsson. Now I dont care much. But I will watch football on Wednesday, cause a friend invited me over for a football evening. Ugh @ sports of any kind...

Posted by: Vega at Sun June 13, 2004 16:56

I think that Switzerland will win the Euro 2004. It's so obvious. We're the strongest team, people just don't know that yet.

Posted by: Suha at Sun June 13, 2004 23:11

Oooh @ Larson. He plays for Celtic now... just... thought I'd share that.

Posted by: The BML at Sun June 13, 2004 23:28

PS. You mean Henrik, Vega?

Posted by: The BML at Sun June 13, 2004 23:28

LOL @ the football talk.
Didn't know Switzerland were even playing.

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon June 14, 2004 0:07

lol @ BML. Yes, the Celtic-Henrik is the one I mean. Ohhh... I adore him.

Posted by: Vega at Fri June 18, 2004 11:55