Thursday June 10, 2004

Oh how I hate Sky!

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(from a convo with Craig cuz too lazy to type up again)

You know I ordered my Sky (satellite subscription) thru these Lux Sat TV ppl?
So he set it up for me yes? (over the phone)
So because he was a man the whole thing is now set up to "Mr C Carim."
When I tried to change my subscription that was a problem already so I got Daniel to pretend being... well me. Or my husband if you wish.
So HE set up a password.
Which I could use from then on to do other stuff, being Mr C Carim's devoted wife.
But now I want to cancel it.
And AGAIN only MR FUCKING C CARIM can do it!!
"Is your husband at home? Cuz only he can cancel it I'm afraid."
Luckily Daniel's coming round ours on Friday so I'll bribe him into being Mr Carim again.
But seriously, what a fucking joke!
They quote the fucking data protection act and all - when the whole subscription's a scam to start with?!

Ja so grrrrrrrrrrr!!! X( X( X( X(


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