Tuesday June 8, 2004

Doing the dishes

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Hehe ok so I was cleaning the kitchen and decided to film myself during some of it, then increase the speed (by 8 I believe) and add Moby's Go as a soundtrack (instead of Destiny's Child - Survivor, which I was actually listening to).

It's very dark cuz set against the window (so I'm just a black shape really. I'm not complaining). Also utterly pointless, but well, what isn't. Right. It's 705KB, 21min and only available in wmv cuz I needed Windows Movie Maker to accelerate it. Um. Download here.


you are fast

Posted by: Lo at Tue June 8, 2004 17:28

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue June 8, 2004 17:31

That was quite fun to watch. You look cute. I like the concept, might do something similar myself some day.

Posted by: Vega at Wed June 9, 2004 0:13

CITZ!!!! You are going to direct one of my music video when I am an international superstar!

Posted by: Mel at Wed June 9, 2004 16:24

OK! I am a GREAT music video director! No honest!

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed June 9, 2004 16:32

God you ARE fast! Cool vid. Yeah Moby would be better than DC in this case.

Posted by: Woods at Wed June 9, 2004 23:45

Um you DO realise I've sped this up yes?!

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed June 9, 2004 23:55

I'm thick, but I'm not THAT thick!!!

Posted by: Woods at Thu June 10, 2004 17:19

Don't you mean 21 seconds, not 21 min? Or hey, maybe it's my computer that's got faster!! WOO-HOO!!

Posted by: Woods at Fri June 11, 2004 16:27