Tuesday June 8, 2004


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I don't do it nearly enough these days. I used to dance my way through the whole of Madonna's Immaculate Collection (ok I admit I'd be close to death by the end of it). Nowadays I dance through J-Lo's "I'm Glad" and nearly collapse in a heap on the floor.

But it's still fun! So I should do it more. I wonder why I don't. Too old and too self-conscious? :-? Or just too lazy and too unfit? :| I'm sure it releases some sort of feel-good hormones. If anything it burns calories. Now where's my Immaculate Collection CD.... :yay

[edit after 5 repeats of I'm Glad] stay tuned for tomorrow's complaints from downstairs about loud music and stomping, and for my complaints about very sore muscles. Right now I'm feeling great tho! Even my headache is gone! :D [/edit]


Why self-conscious? Guess nobody watches your room... Didn't know you liked "I'm glad" by the way...

Posted by: Val at Tue June 8, 2004 1:35

salut nadia
ech hu scho puermol versicht fier der
ze telefonéieren, mee et huet net
geklappt, ech hoffen et get der gudd,
erziel mer mol was de sou schaffs,
iwwregens ass den Dior dout, hie war
zwar an der lescht ongewéinlech gudd drop
bis geschwën, viviane

Posted by: viviane at Tue June 8, 2004 8:28

I didn't know I liked it either until I heard it on Launch again the other day. It's very catchy.
And self-conscious cuz I can see myself... somehow.

Hey Viviane! Weess net firwat et net geet mae ech probéieren deemnaechst emol, Dir unzeruffen.

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue June 8, 2004 9:57

Put webcam on Citzy!!!! Let us see you dance!!!!

Posted by: Mel at Tue June 8, 2004 12:39

agrees with Mel

try to dance after Janet's 'if'. wooooo that song is HEAVY!!

Posted by: tris at Tue June 8, 2004 13:30

LMAO no way @ webcam!!!!

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue June 8, 2004 14:06

Feels great to understand all those languages

Posted by: Val at Wed June 9, 2004 0:24

not many of us uh?

Posted by: Clarissa at Wed June 9, 2004 0:36