Saturday June 5, 2004


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Yeah and whinge sigh moan complain. Seriously, I feel awful, sore throat & ears, aching limbs, I'm freezing (with everyone else complaining about the heat), occasional headache and whatnot. Probably a bit of fever too. So am sat here in my warmest winter pyjama sipping blackcurrant lemsip. Will head off to bed soon and finish reading Brick Lane - or fall asleep in the process.

Worst thing is because I called in sick last Monday too and I'm still on probation this won't look good and I'll probably have to go see a doctor and so on. (| So let's hope it's better by then. That's all really. Work was very quiet today cuz of the football (lol). Tomorrow bed obviously. And lots of self-pitying of course. Eugh. Hope y'all are having fun. :|


Awwweee... Po' Citzy!!! Get Well Soon!

Posted by: Mel at Sun June 6, 2004 2:07

Thanks hun!

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun June 6, 2004 20:11

awwwwww citz feel better soon

*sparkles magic dust over your head*

Posted by: Kid Kal at Sun June 6, 2004 21:38

Fun? Unfortunately, work starts again tomorrow... and guess what? I'm now sitting at my computer preparing! Guess I had enough time before to do so but you know...

Posted by: Val at Sun June 6, 2004 22:58

Sorry I also wanted to say "get well"

Posted by: Val at Sun June 6, 2004 23:00

Thanks both of you

ah yes @ work

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun June 6, 2004 23:20

Gute Besserung! :)

Posted by: Suha at Mon June 7, 2004 0:18