Friday June 4, 2004

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Ja below is my whingeing entry and this is my "update entry". So after spending Monday off sick with a "migraine" (read hangover) I got up at an ungodly hour on Tuesday morning and left for Lux (by car, I must point out) - accompanied by the worst possible weather of course. Made it to the Channel Tunnel on time tho, but was informed there were delays. Ah well. I was in no hurry.

Now while I was waiting in line (in my car) I thought it would be a good idea to do some eyebrow plucking (the light in the car is usually quite good). My tweezers were in my suitcase in the boot. Because it was raining, I decided to pull the back seats forward and get to the suitcase that way, rather than walking around the car and getting wet. So I was balancing on the back seat (with my feet somewhere near the steering wheel), when I suddenly saw a fucking huge, ugly, brown daddy longlegs about 5 inches from my face! You should have seen me scrambling backwards out of that car (while muttering "OMG OMG OMG" - I couldn't shout cuz I have this fear that they will fly into my mouth if I open it too wide).

So there I was, in the rain, with a monster in my car!!! What to do? First off I opened all the doors (incl. the boot) and tried to shoo it out - all the while it was of course raining into my car, onto my lovely leather seats and all my stuff. I must have looked like a complete and utter fool to the other people waiting - jumping from one car door to the next and poking inside with my umbrella. Do you think the little bugger moved!?!? Of course not - he knew full well it was nasty and wet outside and nice and warm in my Lara!!!!

Sooo I had to resort to more extreme measures. I considered asking one of the men around me for help but even to me that was too embarrassing, so I just ended up clobbering him to death with my umbrella. Which broke in the process. But the monster was dead!!!! Thank God!!! I immediately proceeded to send out numerous texts telling everyone about this horrendous experience... and earned nothing but laughter!! Even from those people who I know are fucking scared of the buggers themselves!!! :| (at least squiZZ said he knew he shouldn't be laughing! Still he laughed of course.)

So that was my shock for the day. Luxembourg was boring. Of course I couldn't remember most of the many things I was supposed to bring back, so I spent ages going through my stuff wondering "do I need this, do I need this" etc. I bought a cute green lamp tho (old one's broken so yes I needed it). I also dyed my hair again, and I got new glasses and new sunglasses (special offer).

Having no Net meant I wasted a lot of time watching extremely boring and stupid TV and writing letters and sending texts (a feeble Yahoo replacement). Went to see my horsey a couple of times (he's as cute as ever) and met up with a few friends (and didn't meet up with some others cuz couldn't be bothered). Ah yes and celebrated my mum's birthday.

Got up at some ungodly hour of the morning again today (4.15 UK time!!!!), drove through torrential rain and heavy traffic back to Brighton... and here I am. The End.
PS Work sucks.


Posted by: Lo at Sat June 5, 2004 6:44

my Lo

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat June 5, 2004 10:38

I can't understand people beeing afraid of those little buggers LOL. But every bugger in a car can somewhat be scary.

how long does it take by car to lux? You love to drive? I looooooove sitting in my car and drive for miles...

Posted by: tris at Sat June 5, 2004 10:44

Well it's a phobia, so irrational, so makes no sense to people who don't have it. I can't understand people being afraid of heights either.

The drive to Lux is about 6-7hrs (incl Eurotunnel). I used to love to drive, now I'm pretty about it.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat June 5, 2004 10:46

then you probably don't understand when Tris was on top of the Sagrida Familia this winter. My sis have it on tape and a I was hysterical. 'don't leave me up here' I shouted to Adele (my sis) As she, or I, was going anywhere lol.

I love to drive. Since I moved here last year, my my car is staying at parents house. I miss it . Im going to Roskilde this summer, and driving down there (takes about 6-8 hours) is almost the best part

Posted by: tris at Sat June 5, 2004 11:03

Hehe cuuuute @ being afraid!

Hehe @ driving. You'll get over it. I drove loads when I was at uni - back home etc - and you just get bored eventually.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat June 5, 2004 11:36

heights yea, it's silly really. And at the same time Im pushing my self up there. When you were in Barcelona, did you visit the Tibidabo (sp?) mountain? The place with the castle and amusement park and everything? If you did, you can imagine my fair when I was realizing HOW to get up there. I was terrified LOL...

Posted by: tris at Sat June 5, 2004 12:41

no don't think I went there.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat June 5, 2004 15:05

it was high up!!!

see all my typos? geeeeeezzz...

Posted by: tris at Sat June 5, 2004 16:49