Thursday May 27, 2004

Don't say the news ain't funny!

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Radical islamic preacher Metin Kaplan disappears after a German court ruled yesterday that he can be extradited to Turkey. So now they're frantically searching for him and looking for a scapegoat to blame his disappearance on. Apparently it's no one's fault. *giggle*


when I first read it (I tend to read stuff too fast at times. Bad habit) I thought you were talking about Metkel Negassie Betew, a Norwegian guy that have fleed the country 'cuz of killing a cop. He's found now so...

Posted by: tris at Thu May 27, 2004 18:19

I keep reading Mein Kampf instead of Metin Kaplan

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 27, 2004 18:23

lol. it isn't easy

Posted by: tris at Thu May 27, 2004 18:27

To avoid further embarrassment, they have now cancelled his arrest warrant! LMAO

Posted by: Anne at Fri May 28, 2004 10:25