Wednesday May 26, 2004


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So I've been wanting to do a Requiem layout for a while now.. originally of course it was gonna be much more elaborate and all new and different from the current one, but as usual laziness won in the end so is just a slight variation again, and a pretty horrible colourscheme as well. But for now it will do. At least it's dark.

Been shopping today. Found some cool stuff for 1 and so on. Went to the beach (no sunburn, how boring) and finally sent the application form for "that job" (sorry, link gone as deadline over, hehe). I knew I'd forgotten sth important (well I always do) and realised about 2hrs on that I hadn't dated the application form. Ah well. Didn't bother me so much at that point (just another job I won't get - wouldn't have got it anyway) but then tonight it all turned into a huge tragedy again. Am over that too by now tho. I'm just sooo damn unstable these days.

I've also booked my Eurotunnel trip for Tuesday (am going to Lux next week, to collect and sort some stuff and "celebrate" my mum's Bday and the anniversary of my dad's death). Fucking 45 that cost me. Same again on the way back, and petrol on top. *sigh* What a fucking joke.

Yeah so I'm reading Vernon God Little at the moment and it's making me cuss rather a lot (tho he spells it "fucken", to be cool). I hate it tho, the book I mean, it's one of them "too many hardships to make it even remotely believable" stories. It got all sorts of prizes, and is being hailed as the new Catcher in the Rye (which I hate too - I should have known eh), but it's just such a damn frustrating read, and absolutely not credible (yet I can't put it down cuz I do want to know how it ends).

I also hate pseudo-precocious-yet-totally-uneducated first person narrators like Vernon - he doesn't know the word paradigm yet he's having all these deeply insightful thoughts about what everyone around him is vainly pursuing in life. Yes I'm aware you can be smart yet not manage well at school, but when you're smart you should at least be interested in what's going on around you and try to walk through life open-minded. Actually I don't give a fuck what pseudo-precocious little boys in Texas do, but I want my narrators to be more interesting than that.

Er yeah enough about that. No one cares about my book reviews. It's just that I've been kinda disappointed with a lot of books I've read recently. Gimme some good stuff damnit! Ah well, I still have quite a few to go. I recommend the Virgin Suicides and The Curious Incident... (just so I don't end on a negative note and all). That's all. Now bugger off or I'll turn into a bitch again.


Oh this looks very different. I'll have to get used to it.

Anyway, that man who wrote middlesex has a new book out. it's something about sisters who commit suicide. have you already read that one?

Posted by: Anne at Thu May 27, 2004 14:20

*buggers off*

Posted by: Mel at Thu May 27, 2004 14:26

That's the Virgin Suicides I mentioned in the entry and it's actually his 1st book but has been turned into a film now (that's probably why you think it's recent). So yes I read it just last week.

@ Melker.

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 27, 2004 15:03

I was going to say the Virgin Suicides but didn't in case I errr... got it wrong.
I have the book, (but haven't read it yet) and couldn't remember the author's name.

Posted by: Mel at Thu May 27, 2004 16:07

Hehe cute Mel. You should read it, it's good!

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 27, 2004 16:18

Read this book:
It's free as eBook, but you can also buy it as "classical" book.

Posted by: Tobias at Thu May 27, 2004 20:21

This entry is f****** hilarious! It's just so you, Citz - getting all worked up about bad quality writing. I don't read much at the mo but I always come to your blog to get my share of witty English language

Posted by: Val at Fri May 28, 2004 0:10

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri May 28, 2004 12:04