Monday May 24, 2004

A very pleasant morning

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Got woken up at 9.30 by the postman - now you might think that was a bad start, and so did I at first, but then I looked out the window at the immaculately cloudless sky and decided it was a sign. Sooo I quickly washed my hair and disappeared to the beach, where I roasted in the sun for about 90mins before returning home, having a quick shower, covering myself in aftersun lotion and, er, sitting down at my PC.

I have a problem. I really hate wearing bras. They make me feel claustrophobic and suffocating, and my current stomach issues aren't improving things. I'm gonna have the saggiest tits in a few years' time. I guess I could look into those adhesive pad things. :-? Or have a double mastectomy? Or have plastic surgery once they start sagging too much. 8-}

There's your "random bit of into you didn't know about me" for the day. :)) I think I shall get ready for work now or sth. I'm in such a good mood I don't even mind playing checkout girl for 6 hours! (tho that doesn't mean I won't get bored and annoyed about an hour into my shift...)


I just woke up.

Posted by: Jar Jar at Mon May 24, 2004 12:33

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon May 24, 2004 12:44

"I really hate wearing bras"

I know!!!! The best sweathers and tops or whatever are the ones that you don't need a bra AT ALL!!

Posted by: tris at Mon May 24, 2004 13:31

So true @ Tris

..but then it gets chilly and you look like you're smuggling peanuts!

I'm wearing some strange bra-like contraption at the moment! I feel like I've been shoe-horned into it!

Posted by: Mel at Mon May 24, 2004 13:41

today Im wearing the most perfect bra I have ever had though. You don't feel 'trapped' in it. You don't even feel your breasts!

just amazing!

Posted by: tris at Mon May 24, 2004 13:47

Where did you buy it? I want one

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon May 24, 2004 16:40

Cool - my camera arrived.

Posted by: The BML at Mon May 24, 2004 20:47

I figured.

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon May 24, 2004 21:34

At H&M...

Posted by: tris at Mon May 24, 2004 21:35