Wednesday May 19, 2004


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Cyber-Satans plague online church

The world's first Internet church has fallen victim to a plague of virtual demons, some of whom have been logging on as Satan and unleashing strings of expletives during sermons.

Very amusing don't you agree? :))
We're @ squiZZhome btw, is sunny outside... but we're online. :D
Was sunny outside, is windy now, says squiZZ, who is eating my sour skittles. X(




YAY for cyber satin!

Posted by: Küt Kid Kal at Wed May 19, 2004 20:22

Posted by: Wammy at Thu May 20, 2004 0:45

I just realized that the article title is historically incorrect. there is ONLY ONE SATAN (the abolished angel of the Jin). thus the use of the word SATANS is un-accurate.

Peace out!.

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Posted by: Küt Kid Kal at Thu May 20, 2004 12:23

Hm. In fiction there are many Satans.
And one of them is mine muahahaha

Posted by: Wam at Thu May 20, 2004 13:18

"Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane... You always did prefr the drizzle to the rain..... La la laa...."

Posted by: Mel at Thu May 20, 2004 14:19

hehehe. that's a good one. ^^ anyway, thanx for stopping by my blog. if you're interested, maybe we can be blogmates, hmm? ^^; well, gtg. laterz!

Posted by: Marzy at Fri May 21, 2004 6:14