Thursday May 13, 2004

Oozing creativity

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Sooo... been to town and bought stuff (mainly cool trousers), then came back, stole some ideas from the Net and made funky T-shirts... check them out:

The 2nd one says "growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional" (is kinda hard to read, but looks a bit better in real life, hehe). The 1st one has the Windows Bliss wallpaper as a background, which looks rather smashing if you ask me. I rock! *lol* And hooray for cheap Primark clothes! 8-}

[edit] sunshine!!! beach here I come!!! :D [/edit]


YAY!!! You blogged.... me was getting so bored here at work!

Primark is vewy cool! Reminder: must get me some cheap leggings/cycling shorts for yoga class!

Me want s the "growing up/old" t-shirt. I'll give ya 50 pence for it! Talented Citz!

Posted by: Mel at Thu May 13, 2004 15:27

I'll send you the image file and you can make your own! (got a printer right? If not I can even print a transfer for you - if you're a good girl )

And Primark is indeed cool! *frowning @ squiZZ*

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 13, 2004 15:36

I was enjoying that read until Primark popped up.
Now I feel the need to empty the contents of my stomach via my mouth

Posted by: squiZZ at Thu May 13, 2004 17:15

oh and aren't those Xerox transfers much better than your older ones?

Posted by: squiZZ at Thu May 13, 2004 17:16


And, um, well, I have to say I was having trouble with them. You will see on Sunday as the growing up one shall probably serve as my pyjama top. The 2nd one turned out ok. They're not better tho, pretty much the same.

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 13, 2004 17:30

you just don't know how to use them

Posted by: squiZZ at Thu May 13, 2004 17:49


Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 13, 2004 17:53

I sat for ages on my tiny screen at work trying to read what those T-shirts said (have tiny so no one can see am Net) and then scrolled down and you tell us.

Anyway, show me t'trousers tonight!

Posted by: The BML at Fri May 14, 2004 13:27

My name is Clarissa too. Not many of us around here in Rhode Island, US. I also had a horse, he was a purebred Arabian. Your horse looked like an Arabian. Later.

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu May 20, 2004 22:30