Monday May 10, 2004

Tell me something I don't know

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This whole Iraq torture business... doesn't move me one bit. Doesn't surprise me, doesn't shock me, doesn't even outrage me. All it does is confirm yet again so many of my convictions about the human race. I wouldn't quite say 'I didn't expect anything less from them' but the fact that this has been happening, has (partly at least) been done on orders, has been fairly widely known up to the highest layers of the hierarchy... all it elicits from me is "(| mhm, so?"

Am I too jaded? Too cynical? They're not even rhetorical questions, I'm really wondering. Not that I can change anything about the way I feel. I always end up being proven right in these matters anyway. *lol*


doesn't it boggle your mined that the Muslims hasn't Deon ANYTHING close to what the Americans has done to their prisoners? the executed members of the coalition forces were executed fast and the ones who were returned all confirmed that they were treated well and were - to say the least- respected. I am afraid this whole thing is going to change how the American POWs will be treated in the future. but yet again. the least i could say is that they brought it on amongst themselves. what a fucking disgusting turn of events. Bush, may you rot in eternal hell!

Posted by: Kal at Tue May 11, 2004 6:32

the twelve steps of squiZZle. org withdrawal:

Posted by: Kal at Tue May 11, 2004 6:57

Don't worry... there's always the debate about the British torture pics, authentic or not, to keep our minds occupied and to help us forget about the authentic American torture pics! Funny that.

But I guess that IS just a coincedence! No.. really!

Posted by: Mel at Tue May 11, 2004 12:06

I totally agree with you Clarissa. I am not the least bit surprised. I am not stupid or desillusioned enough to believe that stuff like this doesn't happen, especially during a war. Not that I condone anyone's behavior here but war brings out the worst in people. But it's disgusting and I cringe everytime I see these pictures on the news.

Posted by: Anne at Tue May 11, 2004 13:29

kal pretty much said it all.
Im discusted having those pictures blown up in my face everytime I enter a news-site.

Posted by: tris at Tue May 11, 2004 15:02