Saturday May 8, 2004

Fucking hell

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Talk about a quick mood shift!

I was feeling fiiine, was gonna do a long diary entry... then made the mistake of digging out something that I really should have left alone, and now I feel all weird and all wrong.

All wrong. And I don't even really know why. I couldn't put it into words (which is why I'm not), it's just a feeling of... wrongness. How strange. It's late, I think I will go to bed.

(This has got to be the most pointless entry ever. But I felt I had to write something  tonight.)


pointless or not, you really made me curious,)

hopeing you're feeling better in the morning *hugs*

Posted by: tris at Sat May 8, 2004 1:41

Ja is better now.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sat May 8, 2004 12:39

Posted by: Jar Jar at Sat May 8, 2004 16:18