Tuesday May 4, 2004

New Smileys & Launchcast tragedy

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Right, so first off, as already mentioned, with the new Yahoo messenger came new smileys (and many of the old ones have changed, some for the better, some for the worse). So I had to update my own smileys as well of course. We now have 8 new smileys at our disposal:

(| :-n :-w =(( =)) :bio ;)) ^:)^
To find out the codes, check the list (they're the 8 last ones listed, obviously) or hover over them above. Most of the old ones I've updated as well - well the ones that have improved. Some examples:
:o :-/ O:) :-$ :-& :bl
The main change is that they're all animated in an endless loop - the dancing one too (but I won't post it to spare some people). Well all except the :)) one. I guess I could change that if I wasn't so lazy. (okay done)

Ja and then the shocking LAUNCHcast revelation earlier today! :o I was happily listening to my station, then all of a sudden - silence! :-s So I check what's wrong and I get this: "you have listened to over 400 songs this month. for the rest of the month your free service will be reduced" :o :(( :o :(( How dare they!?! The limitations are: no more skipping, no customized radio and only low quality. So that's the end of that eh - esp. considering it's only the 4th of the month! And I only started using it on the 2nd! :)) :| Yeah so since I'm addicted now (the bastards) and finding my Winamp playlist extremely unsatisfying, I might have to subscribe at "only" $2.99 a month. :-s


Posted by: Lo at Tue May 4, 2004 13:44

"(but I won't post it to spare some people)." I'm very grateful! But I think the new 'crazy' one might be even worse. I seriously can't handle it!!

I heart Launchcast radio

Posted by: squiZZ at Tue May 4, 2004 13:47

Cute Looooo smiley

Hehehehehehe @ crazy one.

And @ Launchcast
*withdrawal symptoms *

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue May 4, 2004 13:50

BAD LaunchCast people! Don't they know who you are????????

Posted by: Mel at Tue May 4, 2004 14:32



Posted by: tris at Tue May 4, 2004 18:00

clarisaa darling! your yahoo addictiion is getting out of hand- I want to get yahooed as well- but it will seem like am copying your site. so maybe not.

Posted by: Kal at Tue May 4, 2004 18:48