Sunday May 2, 2004

Women's interests

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The other day as I was leafing thru women's magazines at the newsagent's, I realised yet again that none of the subjects treated therein interest me in the slightest. They are superficial, trivial, downright idiotic even and I cannot help looking down on people who are interested in them.

What's in fashion this season (and make sure you're not seen wearing something "last year"!), how to put on your mascara (and which brand to buy), what Posh is gonna do about Becks and a glimpse of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's knickers, the sex position of the week and how to make sure you've got the right man (and how to keep him).

Dreadfully boring and horribly irrelevant. It makes me wonder, are women really interested in that?? Well apparently they are - at least according to Andreas Lebert, editor of German women's mag Brigitte: "Women's mags are about fashion, cosmetics and cooking because women enjoy those things." Oh puke, give me a break! :-&
How utterly depressing!


hi..nice to meet you...

Posted by: Samuel at Sun May 2, 2004 16:06

There has to be more to life than trying out the lastest lipstick color... before it goes out of fashion next week!

Posted by: Mel at Sun May 2, 2004 19:41

I hope so too

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun May 2, 2004 22:30

Posted by: Jar Jar at Mon May 3, 2004 11:37

@ the stack of them in our bathroom...

Posted by: The BML at Mon May 3, 2004 21:11

There are only 2. And the one that's mine I bought cuz I thought it might be different. But wasn't.

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon May 3, 2004 21:14