Thursday April 29, 2004

Predicted indicted convicted?

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Ja. That's the title of the entry I was gonna write about "the Michael Jackson case" but I don't really have anything useful to say. I've just had this theory that the reason I have kinda gone off MJ is because I want to protect myself from too much pain if he does get convicted. I'm very good at pushing people away when I know I'm gonna lose them (like cutting off all contact with my grandads when I knew they were gonna die, and maybe in a way my dad too).

But MJ... I dunno. Maybe the unthinkable is gonna happen. At the moment I have no idea how it would affect me. Maybe I'd be surprised. He's still innocent to me tho, and I think he always will be.


If he was convicted you'd still think he's innocent? Or do you mean he's still innocent to you and you think he always will be because you don't think he will be convicted?

Posted by: Jar Jar at Thu April 29, 2004 23:08

clarissa, if you bought "damita jo" by JJ. can I ask you for an MP3 copy of the song "ALL NIGHT" - pretty please? my CD drive broke today :( - its not reading ANYTHING.

Posted by: Kal at Thu April 29, 2004 23:10

Yes if he was convicted I'd still think he's innocent unless the evidence was completely overwhelming.
And no, I do think he may well be convicted.

On its way Kal.

Posted by: Clarissa at Thu April 29, 2004 23:24

wam, you know why I like reading your diary, cuz your so painfully honest. Don't worry, it be ok. Step aside from the case if it's too much(thought thats not easy 'cuz it's everywhere now)

Posted by: tris at Fri April 30, 2004 17:58

did you notice all my typos? oh my..sorry...

Posted by: tris at Fri April 30, 2004 18:00

I have stepped away from the case.... very very far away.

Posted by: Clarissa at Fri April 30, 2004 18:47

Reading the diaries of so many, I can't help but feel that we are all losing faith. It's just so saaaaaaaaaaaaaad....

Posted by: Anne at Mon May 3, 2004 14:29

Hm yeah I know

Posted by: Clarissa at Mon May 3, 2004 19:29