Friday April 23, 2004


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So I've been to Coventry today to get some more reading material for my dissertation. More than anything that means around 5hrs' drive... 5 boring hours on the road with nothing to do except listening to music and thinking random thoughts. (you can't daydream as that would just take your attention off the road)

It's interesting how my mood can fluctuate in the course of a few hours. I can go from hyper and excited (picture big grin on my face while cruising along the motorway at 100mph) to gloomy and destitute ("I hate the whole fucking world and everyone hates me, and get the fuck out of my lane!!") within less than 20mins. Just by the power of my thoughts, totally unrelated to the weather or the music (tho these too can have an influence of course).

A lot of these "on the road" thoughts are sudden realisations that seem ever so deep and meaningful to me at that point, but are forgotten almost immediately. What a waste of ressources, or so I thought, so I tried to counteract that for a while by taking notes some way or other (audio or quick mobile-phone-notes etc). But when I reviewed my deep realisations a few hours later they mostly sounded lame. Again - waste of ressources. Nevertheless, I've written down some of today's deep thoughts and maybe one day I'll turn them into something useful on here (very unlikely tho).

Tonight... (after some hesitation) I read squiZZ's entry about MJ... I did intend to do an entry about it at first (it's been so long since I had my last MJ entry) but I felt I had so little to say about the whole thing (reading squiZZentry I thought "wtf, I have no clue about any of this") that it would make no sense to talk shit just for the sake of having a Michael Jackson entry. Let me just say that Will You Be There still has the same effect on me as always. I just need a break.


Why not daydream while you drive? Lots of other drivers do, especially in the fast lane!

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