Tuesday April 20, 2004

Excitement Update II

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Wooooo I just had police round asking about the dead guy! :D Now I'm a potential suspect and all! (lol ok not really but he did ask where I was on the 12th and if anyone could verify that I went straight home after work)

Yeah they're doing the rounds asking everyone (so they'll have to come back for LJ), so it's not that exciting, but anyway, exciting enough. He mainly asked boring routine questions like did I know the guy and had I seen a Renault ScÚnic on that Monday (I don't even know what a Renault ScÚnic looks like). Was embarrassing tho cuz the place is a complete mess & I had to take him into the kitchen so he could sit down to write, and well... the dishes are way overdue. :)) :|

Ah well. Other than that my life is boring as usual, I've started doing some work for my dissertation again (will need to go to Coventry on Thursday), and now I need to ring the Council about Council Tax and my doctor about test results. Wish me luck.

PS Ok I don't need to ring Council after all. If only we read the stuff we get properly. :|


Good luck!

Posted by: squiZZ at Tue April 20, 2004 14:40

I'm still gonna turn you in...

Posted by: conquest at Tue April 20, 2004 14:40

Thanks @ squiZZ

@ conquie!

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue April 20, 2004 14:41

Wow, my life is far from being that exciting!!

Posted by: Suha at Tue April 20, 2004 15:25

you're soo cuuuuuuuute .
Im sorry for all this cuteness , but she is, aint she!!

Hey, you should showed that police your diary. lol

Good luck too

Posted by: tris at Tue April 20, 2004 17:18

You should got the nice policemen to blog here! Update us on their enquiries!

Posted by: Mel at Tue April 20, 2004 19:10


Posted by: Kal at Tue April 20, 2004 21:59

ooh cool

Posted by: Dudie at Wed April 21, 2004 16:26