Friday April 16, 2004

Oooh the excitement!

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Police searching for a missing 79-year-old man say a body found at the foot of cliffs is that of a man of roughly the same age. [source]

Yep, right there. *muahahaha* I'm probably not supposed to find this cool, but nothing much ever happens in my life and a body found right outside my window is as good as it gets. Sussex Police said the body had been found by a member of the public at about 1245 BST on Friday. - I walked past there on my way to work at exactly that time!!!! Imagine!!! It could have been me!

OK it wasn't, but anyway. I am sort of involved (oh shut it!). Everyone was talking about it at Asda too - the security guys said they may have it on CCTV! :P (not sure what exactly? the guy jumping down the cliffs? Or maybe someone shoved him?! 8-} Well it wasn't me! O:) )


LOL , you're so cute. imma gonna have to fly over there and give you a hug now

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