Tuesday April 13, 2004

New Snake Ring

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My old one finally broke in Glasgow (it was adjustable and constantly got caught in stuff and bent and, well yeah, ended up breaking). Tried to find new one in Glasgow but ended up with a coffin one instead (which I regret buying now cuz was kinda expensive), so went round Brighton today and found a new one which isn't adjustable so won't bend and break.

I also bought some other stuff and went to the bank for Martine. Didn't go to bookstores tho as too lazy and was scared I'd only end up buying more books I can't afford. When I got home I tidied my room and the lounge (way overdue :-&). Now I am tired and will go to bed. The boiler will probably wake me at 4 so I'll get up then and finally do some work on my dissertation. Hopefully. :-s Must also email Piotr about another extension which is rather scary. Sooo many scary things in life! Why can't we take a time out sometimes? :|


Lovely ring Me likes

Posted by: Lo at Tue April 13, 2004 14:05

me too! *hehe*

Posted by: Clarissa at Tue April 13, 2004 15:22

yummy, venemous!

Posted by: Kal at Tue April 13, 2004 21:09