Sunday April 11, 2004

So I had an idea

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(Yahoo conversation from just now)
me: did I tell you I wanna build a smiley-machine?
me: that you can carry around?
d: no
me: so instead of showing emotions, you know, using your face and body, you can just show a smiley
d: oooh
d: ingenious
me: it would be good for emotionally disabled people like us :|
d: indeed
me: you know the :-? smiley!??!
me: it's genius!
d: is
me: but I never scratch my chin in real life!
me: and it would look silly
d: would
me: whereas showing the smiley would be ok :D
me: :D
me: you think it would make me rich?
d: no
me: :((
me: LOL
d: :))
me: pah
me: :))
(and that was that)



maybe you can get rich from the idea 2356 years from now. so if i were you - i would patten the idea and save it in a time capsul in a bank or somethin

Posted by: Kal at Sun April 11, 2004 7:20

lolol I think is a good idea. And should also make a "lol" machine thingy. So we don't have to laugh, but can only show "lol". Actually, I could just write "lol" on a piece of paper and carry it around with me, don't need a machine.

Posted by: Jar Jar at Sun April 11, 2004 12:56

LOL @ Kal.

Ja @ Mon. Or maybe we could just say "LOL" (either "loll" or "el oh el") instead of laughing.

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun April 11, 2004 13:07

But I always feel silly when I almost say "loll" when something's funny.

Posted by: Jar Jar at Sun April 11, 2004 14:54

Yes me too. therefore we have to get everyone to do it so won't be silly anymore

Posted by: Clarissa at Sun April 11, 2004 14:56