Tuesday April 6, 2004

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii (it's cold)

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Jaaaaa I is in Glasgow!!! :yay

It's kinda cold but I have a squiZZ! :D :x =P~

And I've spent SHITloads of money on completely useless stuff such as a talking/singing Mr Burns, a ring with a coffin on it and books. And sweets. And alcohol. :|

Ja that's it. Byeeeeee. ;;)

(only writing this entry so there's not that angry one at the top anymore)


>>a ring with a coffin

Posted by: Lo at Tue April 6, 2004 17:31

Note to self:

and yeah will show. At some point.

Posted by: Wam at Tue April 6, 2004 17:37

hi Squizz!!!

yumm @ sweets and alchi :)

Posted by: Kal at Tue April 6, 2004 22:21

vacation life 8)

Posted by: tris at Wed April 7, 2004 0:18

Aaaalways vacation life

Posted by: Wam at Wed April 7, 2004 0:26